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2 days ago
Developed in our innovation lab, #Aurum is an AI platform that helps NHS cost accountants identify opportunities for savings. Like Spotify for the NHS, Aurum identifies “playlists” that show where to look. https://t.co/sKdlnTJuIU
2 days ago
#Cloud-enabled, #Cx allows employees, tenants & contractors to access services from any location. Get instant access to your #data to keep on top of #housing management issues before they arise. Request a product tour: https://t.co/j7uJIgN0QQ
3 days ago
We’re proud to introduce our fab #salesteam, individuals from different backgrounds who are driven to win. They are passionate about providing the best solutions to our customers, helping them to make a difference to their communities. https://t.co/tkRlE22DVQ #salesprofessionals https://t.co/UQu0S1UEGQ CivicaPty photo
4 days ago
As #Australianschools gear up for Term 1, they are looking to navigate the year in a way that ensures they are prepared to navigate the kinds of disruptions that brought the #educationsector to a standstill during 2020. #COVID #BacktoSchool  https://t.co/OipcRfr7Ka
4 days ago
Join us for a webinar on Acceleration of Digital Transformation with Hayylo & #CarelinkPlus. Learn how Hayylo integrates with #Carelink #communitycaremanagementsolution, improving communications, #customerservice & #costefficiency https://t.co/mmxdp52es4 #agedcare #disabilitycare https://t.co/SMxiiyyWea CivicaPty photo