Authority Enterprise Software Suite for Local Government

The Authority enterprise application suite is designed specifically for the Local Government industry and comprises more than 40 modules of business software to assist Council with the running of their highly diverse business.

It is built using a corporate enterprise information system approach and is the only software application designed specifically for local government that delivers a single solution, from a single vendor, for the entire enterprise.

The single database design of Authority allows sharing of data between all modules and updating of information on a real time basis which eliminates redundant data, the need to manage the integration of components and batch update processes.

Through a rich combination of functionality and technology, Authority enables Councils to open their business systems to interactions with every staff member, every business partner and every customer.

This reach to different styles of user is provided by rich user interface facilities that incorporate the simplicity of web forms, the power of desktop applications, including Microsoft Office interfaces, and the ability to take Authority into the field via its mobile computing facilities.

Technical Architecture

Authority is a rich, highly usable web application featuring a one-stop portal for all Council staff and customer information and workflow needs. Authority reaches out to all of Council’s stakeholders, providing open integration and co-operation with business partners and third party systems.

Authority’s architecture is based on established, open principles of design that provide Council with choice and flexibility both now and in the future. Adhering to Service Oriented Architecture principles Authority provides Council with a standards compliant, future-proofed investment that gives Council the power to easily implement additional services or react to new legislations as and when they arise.

Authority is a small footprint system designed to deliver a low hardware and administrative burden with reduced complexity to effectively reduce the total cost of ownership for Council.

Authority features a strong server-side focus to deliver increased manageability and scalability for the future.

Based on Rich Internet Application Technology and using the next generation Web 2.0 platform, the Authority Portal provides a single entry point to all applications within the Authority Enterprise Software Suite. This delivers a single, unified user interface facilitating a seamless, highly useable experience.

The Authority Web Platform architecture features two main sub-systems:

  • Authority e-Services delivering web-based public functions such as online payments and development application enquiry
  • Authority i-Services delivering browser-based staff applications inside the local council network, wide area network and VPN